Top WIFI Router Price in BD | Read Before Buy

At this point in time, every digital device can use the internet. Internet is now a very important part of almost everything, from smartwatches to TVs in people’s homes

It’s almost impossible to live without the internet now. Wi-Fi routers have made it easier to get to the internet.

Through the router, computers, phones, smart TVs, and smart watches can all use the same Internet at the same time.

There are a lot of different brands and models of routers on the market right now. But it’s hard to find the best router because there are so many of them.

Also, it’s hard for me to decide which router is best for each other.

Because of this, I will talk about 10 good routers that are cheap today.

I’ll talk about what’s good about each router, so you shouldn’t have to spend too much effort to find the right one.

List Of WIFI Router Price in BD

Due to the spread of broadband internet, Wi-Fi routers are now used by a lot of people. When you use Wi-Fi at home or anywhere else, even if it’s free, you are connected to a router. This post will tell you in detail what you need to keep in mind when buying a Wi-Fi router.

Top Wifi Router Price In Bd | Read Before Buy
Wifi Router Price In Bd

Router or Modem?

Online shops often have suggestions for modems if you want to buy a router. But it’s important to know that a modem and a router are two different things that are used for different things. With a router, you can use the Internet on more than one device, but you can only use the Internet on one device with a modem. Internet service providers in Bangladesh connect people to the Internet through routers in their homes, so make sure you buy a router when you buy a computer. Before buying a router, it’s best to talk to your Internet Service Provider, or ISP.

2.4GHz, 5GHz, or both at the same time?

Most of the time, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are used to talk about radio waves. A 5GHz connection doesn’t go as far as a 2.4GHz connection. On the other hand, a 5 GHz connection has a smaller range but a faster speed. It should be pointed out that 5G WiFi is not related to 5G web.

Which is better: a single band or multiple?

Single-band routers can only connect to the internet over the 2.4 GHz wave and can go as fast as 300 Mbps. But the speed of this band slows down when a lot of devices are linked together. Single-band routers are best for smaller homes with fewer devices.

On the other hand, a dual band router will be helpful if you have a big house and want to use the internet on many devices at the same time. A dual-band router also has the benefit of being able to make two separate Wi-Fi networks on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz waves.

There are also more expensive routers with three bands. These routers are perfect for buildings with a lot of people using the internet at once. Routers with three bands have an extra 5 GHz band. These routers can reach speeds of up to 11000Mbps, which is great for large homes and gamers.

Top Wifi Router Price In Bd | Read Before Buy
WIFI Router Price in BD

Router Wi-Fi 6

Along with many other technologies, router technology has come a long way, and the WiFi 6 router is the result. These new routers are still not very popular in our country because they are expensive and most people don’t know how to use them properly. But new devices are slowly getting Wi-Fi 6 support.

WiFi 6 is mostly the 802.11ax standard, which saves a lot of data, has good speed, and uses very little power. On the other hand, WiFi 6E means that WiFi 6 routers only have one 6 GHz band. When used for gaming or VR, this separate band gives much faster speeds and much less latency.

Router Functionality

Check to see if the router can be used in different ways before you buy it. Usually, a router can be used as an access point, a repeater, an extender, and so on. Most routers today have add-ons like access points, repeaters, and range extenders that can be used to make the main model or router’s range bigger.

Top Wifi Router Price In Bd | Read Before Buy
WIFI Router Price in BD

Ports and other ways to connect

Before you buy a Wi-Fi router, check to see if it has enough ports and ways to connect. An RJ45/Ethernet port is a very important thing for a router to have. Also, if you want to send FTP data through a router, make sure the router you buy has a USB port that is only for that purpose.

Wi-Fi Extender

You can use a Wi-Fi extender if your Wi-Fi connection doesn’t reach as far as you want it to. Not all internet problems can be fixed by buying a router with a lot of antennas. Using a Wi-Fi extender can solve problems, especially those that have to do with range. Using multiple band networks, you can also use dual band routers to spread signals around in an efficient way. And if you have a second router that can be used as an extender or a repeater, you can use it in those ways. By using an old router in this way, you can improve your Wi-Fi connection.

Lastly, be smart when you buy a router. Don’t buy a router based on its brand name or how many antennas it has. Instead, read what it says on the box. And don’t buy cheap routers with a lot of antennas. Most of the time, these routers make it hard to connect to the internet. When you go to buy a Wi-Fi router, you should keep these things in mind.

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