Vivo Wireless Sports Headset 2 Best Price in Bangladesh

In the domestic market of China, the well-known technology company Vivo, which is a subsidiary of BKB Electronics, has introduced a new wireless neckband headset.

The Vivo Wireless Sports Headset 2 has a fantastic neckband design; nevertheless, the feature that makes this new Vivo neckband the most intriguing is the fact that it can play music for a total of 12 hours.

Let’s become acquainted with the pricing of the reasonably priced Vivo Wireless Sports Headset 2 that was just released on the local market, as well as all of its technical specs.

People who play video games will find it to be a very helpful item, and people who exercise will benefit even more from it since it will stay in their ears even while they are moving about a lot.

Vivo Wireless Sports Headset 2: Detailed Information Pricing and Specs

The brand new Wireless Sports Headset 2 from Vivo can be purchased for as little as 119 Yuan (roughly BDT. 1,600).

The arrangement of this neckband is pretty sophisticated, despite the fact that the product itself is not particularly expensive.

It weighs just 18 grams, making it very lightweight. It has a one-of-a-kind horn ear design, which is completely painless to wear within the ear canal, and it fits snugly.

Because they are earbuds designed for use during physical activity, it is crucial that they have a snug fit in the ear.

A polymer diaphragm is included in the new Vivo Wireless Sports Headset 2 that Vivo has released. This headset has an in-built 11.2mm moving coil unit.

In addition to that, it makes use of Japanese Daikoku copper-clad aluminum voice coils, which improve the production of high-frequency sound.

In addition, the Golden Ear Acoustics team at Vivo has calibrated the headset to achieve a harmonious combination of all three frequencies.

In addition, the Vivo Wireless Sports Headset 2 has a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which enables the audio delay that occurs during competitions to be cut down to no more than 80 milliseconds.

In the in-line control position of the headset, a microphone with high sensitivity has been built. This microphone allows noise cancellation for calls, clarifies ordinary calls, and improves gaming speech clarity.

As was said previously, the earphone has the capability of playing music for up to 12 hours after a full charge.

Vivo Wireless Sports Headset 2 Best Price In Bangladesh
The Vivo Wireless Sports Headset 2 Price in Bangladesh

This earphone features a mechanism that allows for a rapid charge, so the user does not need to be concerned even if the battery dies unexpectedly.

After just ten minutes of charging, the Vivo Wireless Sports Headset 2 can provide up to three hours of continuous audio playing.

Take note that this new headset from Vivo has a magnetic suction design that, once the suction is lost, will enter an integrated mode.

Additionally, it offers a one-key flash connecting capability, which enables the headset to be immediately linked to the phone whenever it is in close proximity to the phone.

Additionally, by pressing the button, the user may easily switch between associated devices and activate the voice assistant on their mobile device.

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