Top 7 Cheap Earbuds Price in Bangladesh | Review, and Spec

If you want to buy good quality cheap earbuds at a low price, you need to know which products are good quality and cheap in the current market. You don’t have to search hard, I have found a list of good quality cheap earbuds for you to check before buying new earbuds.

Top 10 Cheap Earbuds


Friends, if you want to buy gorgeous and original-style cheap earbuds. You may get an N21 TWS if you want to use it as a flashlight while listening to music at the same time.

This is due to the fact that if you slide these earbuds that resemble a flashlight, two Air Birds will emerge from the inside of the device.

It also features a front-side LED display, buttons, and a flashlight, which allows you to see the % of charge in this instance, and you may put the light on if you want to travel someplace that is dark.

These ear birds are not only interesting to look at but also quite comfy; I hope you will find them to your liking. The container has a battery that has a capacity of 300 mAh, and each earbud has a capacity of 50 mAh. Which offers a playback time of up to four hours at a time.

In addition to these, it has a number of unique characteristics, including a waterproof casing, Bluetooth 5.1, a magnetic portion, and a number of additional characteristics, such as a touchpad.

Because of this, we have high hopes that this may also be one of your finest TWS, and the price is just 588 Taka.

M28 TWS Gaming Headset

First, let’s talk about its charging case which is bound to be liked by everyone because its look and design are really awesome, and also the ear birds look very glossy and shiny.

A big size display is used in the box which will show the battery percentage of the charging case and the percentage of charge in each earbud.

Also, since this is a gaming headset, the back and charging case, and lighting have been used keeping that in mind, which will make it more attractive at night.

With a touch-sensitive pad and long-distance connectivity, you can change music and receive phone calls from up to 10 meters away.

And if it is about playback, then you can listen to music for a long time because a 50ms battery is used in these earbuds and a 2000ms battery is provided in the box, with which you can easily listen to music for 5-6 hours.

In short, if you are looking for a good quality earbud at a low price, then you can buy it with your eyes closed and its price is just Taka – 650 – 750.

Baseus WM01 TWS Earphones

I’ll start off this article with some amusing cheap earbuds! Yes, friends, you may get the greatest dynamic-style earbuds for a reasonable price.

This is because the earbuds are compact, attractive, and lightweight, making it simple to insert them into your ears.

Along with voice detection and ambient noise calculation functions, it also provides noise calculation features! This allows you to hear the noises outside while enjoying crystal-clear music.

The earphones include a display on their charging case as well as AgILE Touch Control. which, when tapped, will play the next song and provide preview choices.

The Baseus WM01 Earphone is ideal for you if you’re seeking the best cheap earbuds at a great price.


Now get acquainted with one of the best earbuds at a low price! A cute display is used with a 2000 mAh battery in a slightly larger case. By doing this, you can easily understand the percentage of charge in this case and in the earbuds.

Since these cheap earbuds are very small and lightweight, you can use them for a long time if you want.

You can also use it as a power bank if you want because of the 2000 mAh battery added to its case.

Easy to connect – Bluetooth 5.1 supported, high-quality base, water resistant, and power bank, I hope you will like these cheap earbuds.

And you can buy these earbuds for just 700-850 taka which you can easily buy whenever you want. 


Basically, there are many of us who are looking for the best cheap earbuds between 230 to 320 Taka, so this will be the best option for us.

Looking very slim and multi-colored, the price of these ear birds is only 285 taka! You will get all kinds of features like a normal TWS.

For example, by opening its case, you can see the two lighting ear birds! There is a button on the top of the bards that you can press to turn on music off the next streams and receive phone calls.

Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, multi-color, and 250 mAh battery, this ear bird is expected to be perfect for this price. And if you want, you can also check the customer reviews before buying the product.

So anyway, if you want to buy cheap earbuds at a very low price, then you can definitely buy one.


Now you can know about another amazing TWS, normally its design is very beautiful.

You can also see the light on the top of the case and the light on the earbud! Which will provide indicator charging mode and not connected signal.

Like other earbuds, it also uses an LED display! With the help of which you can see its charging percentage.

You will also get a USB Type-C port and extra air rubber in the box.

The body is made of construction plastic which may not feel premium but is fine for the price. Earbuds look very nice and you can cross, play, next, and preview music through them if you want.

First of all, it uses USB lights which will provide a very nice look at night.

And it will provide battery backup for up to three hours and its case uses a 3.7 volt 300 mAh battery. Which can charge the cheap earbuds four times.

All in all, according to the price, everything is fine! And its price is only 780-840 taka.

PM9 Gaming Headset

Let’s have another blast with the best cheap earbuds and the reason is that their design is quite unique! It uses glass on the top of the charging case and LED lights on the site.

By doing this, it will look beautiful at night and you can see how much charge your earbuds have without opening the charging case.

Black color and lightweight these cheap earbuds are able to provide you crystal clear music! You can listen to music and play games as well.

The earbuds use a low-power consumption feature that allows you to listen to music for up to five hours on a single charge.

Not much else to say about one! But if you want, you can buy it at your home by spending only 920-980 Taka.

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