Mibro X1 Price in Bangladesh | Top Review, and Spec

Mibro X1 Price in Bangladesh A few days ago a new smartwatch was added to the tech world, its name is Mibro X1, and it is currently very popular in our country Bangladesh, although the price of the smartwatch is a little high, there is no better quality smartwatch in this price range.

It has a round shape and a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen, as well as a heart rate monitor, Sports mode, an SPO2 blood pressure monitor, 38 sports modes, 5ATM waterproofing, and many other features that will make you want to buy this smartwatch even more.

So without further delay let’s discuss what is in the smartwatch and why you should buy this smartwatch.

Design and Build Quality

Mibro X1 Price In Bangladesh | Top Review, And Spec
Mibro X1 Price In Bangladesh | Top Review, And Spec
Mibro X1 Price In Bangladesh | Top Review, And Spec
Mibro X1 Price In Bangladesh | Top Review, And Spec

Looking very nice in terms of design, any boy or girl, sportsman, office or business person can use this smartwatch very easily.

The monitor of the smartwatch is 47*47*11.4mm and the weight is about 52g, so you will not feel uncomfortable even if you wear it for a long time.

Mibro X1 has two buttons on the right side of the wristwatch, and on the opposite side, there is a charging connector and for watch setting a heart rate sensor.

The Mibro X1 will be offered with a belt made of silicone, a body made of zinc alloy and PC plastic, and a full-round 1.3-inch AMOLED displays with a resolution of 360 by 360 pixels on this smartwatch.

Mibro X1 Watch faces

No need to stress about getting bored of Mibro X1 regular watch faces because Mibro X1 has many pre-installed watch faces that will give you a new look for your watch.

You can easily change these watch faces using the Mibro app by pressing the home button. You can download many more watch faces online.

So far you can download and use more than 100+ watch faces. You can use different types of colors, 3D animations, photos, and your family photos.

With the Mibro app, you can control the hand-raising feature and display time of the smartwatch.


The Mibro X1 smartwatch is packed with features that are unmatched by any other smartwatch at this price point.

5ATM water resistance that won’t stop in 50m deep water means you can shower, do ablution and swim in the swimming pool.

With a sleep monitor, you will get an accurate idea of how long you are sleeping in deep sleep and how long you are in normal sleep.

Calorie monitor This feature will be very useful for those who are thinking about weight loss. If you can instantly know how much food you are eating and how many calories you are burning, it will be very helpful in reducing your weight.

Mibro X1 Price In Bangladesh | Top Review, And Spec

Running, Blood pressure monitor, oxygen monitor, Hiking, breath training, call or messages reminder, Bluetooth 5.0, and many other things which are of good quality. A must-have smartwatch

Mibro X1 Price In Bangladesh | Top Review, And Spec

Besides, one of the big benefits of this smartwatch is its 350mAh battery which is a good feature of the smartwatch.

You can use the smartwatch continuously for 14 days with heavy use and after that, if you use the basic mode, then you can use it continuously for 7 days.

Another great advantage is that the Mibro X1 watch can be used on Android and Apple smartphones. You won’t find this feature in expensive smartwatches from Samsung or Apple.

Health & Fitness Functions

The features of Mibro X1 are a heart rate sensor that works actively for 24 hours. Mibro X1 heart rate sensors work very well because this feature is very useful for your health especially those who have heart-related and blood pressure problems because the smartwatch can monitor the cardiovascular system very well.

Mibro X1 Price In Bangladesh | Top Review, And Spec
Mibro X1 Price in Bangladesh

This will let you know when your stress levels are increasing or decreasing. When does the oxygen level in your blood decrease and when does it increase?

For those who exercise daily, this smartwatch can be a great thing because Health Is Wealth The more you know about your body, the more you can exercise.

How to connect Mibro X1 to your smartphone

Mibro X1 Price In Bangladesh | Top Review, And Spec
Mibro X1 Price In Bangladesh

Mibro X1 needs to do two things to connect to your phone.

1. Mibro Fit App must be downloaded and installed. You will find this App on Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

2. You have to pair the smartwatch with your smartphone’s Bluetooth.

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