Logitech ZONE VIBE 100 Price In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the price of a pair of Logitech ZONE VIBE 100 headphones is now BDT 13,225.

Logitech Zone Vibe 100 Price In Bangladesh

This brand-new pair of headphones may be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website as well as via the online Logitech ZONE VIBE 100.

After making its debut in China in September of last year, Logitech’s newest wireless headphones, the ZONE VIBE 100, are now available to customers in Bangladesh.

The user may experience a level of comfort thanks to the earcups’ use of supple knit fabric and memory foam in their construction.

The manufacturer claims that its product is the first one of its kind on the market and that it will provide comfort in addition to business-level performance.

The pricing, features, and technical specs of the brand-new Logitech ZONE VIBE 100 headphones are going to be discussed in this article.

Logitech ZONE VIBE 100 Headphones Price and Availability

The price of Logitech Zone Vive 100 headphones in the Bangladesh market has been fixed at BDT 13,225.

This new headphone is available to buy from the company’s own website as well as from its commerce site.

Buyers can choose the headphones of their choice in three color options: Graphite, Off White, and Rose.

Specifications and features of Logitech ZONE VIBE 100 headphones

In terms of the new Logitech Zone Vive 100 headphones, they have an over-the-ear style that is both straightforward and fashionable.

It makes use of recycled plastic which accounts for 25% of the total.

Additionally, as was said earlier, its air tips are composed of soft foam, which ensures that there will be no issues even after extended usage of the product.

On the other hand, the earphones are equipped with 40mm speaker drivers, which are able to offer a nice audio output that is free of noise and has deep bass as well as clean treble.

In addition to this, it is equipped with a touch button that may be used to control the headphones.

Once again, the user is able to personalize a variety of features by using the Logotune software, beginning with the equalizer setting. In addition to that, there is compatibility for Bluetooth built into the headphones.

Now, let’s speak about the battery that comes with the Logitech ZONE VIBE 100 headphones.

The manufacturer claims that a single charge of the device’s battery would provide up to 20 hours of music playing time and up to 18 hours of conversation time.

Additionally, it is capable of first charging, which means that it may be utilized for an hour after just five minutes of charge time.

The total weight of the headphones is just 184 grams.


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