Lenovo GM2 Pro Review & Price in Bangladesh

The new and improved Lenovo GM2 Pro is a pair of wireless earbuds with a slim design, great sound quality, and low latency.

The design I described of the earphone being shaped like a seashell is an interesting and unique design choice; it also provides an ergonomic and comfortable fit.

On a single charge, the 350 mAh battery can be used for up to 30 hours, so you can listen to music or play games without worrying about running out of power.

With the Bluetooth 5.3 chip, you can listen to music or play games with little to no lag. And with HD call support, you’ll be able to take calls with clear, crisp sound quality.

Lenovo GM2 Pro Price in Bangladesh

Lenovo GM2 Pro wireless earbuds are available for BDT 1499 Taka in Bangladesh. This is a fair price for wireless earbuds with a unique design, great sound quality, low latency, and long battery life.

Given the features, build quality, and design, BDT 14,995 is a good price point for this type of earbud in the Bangladesh market and online shops.

What’s inside the box

Yes, the Lenovo GM2 Pro comes with a variety of accessories to ensure that you have everything you need to get started using your new earphones right away. The package includes:

2 x Bluetooth Earphones: The earphones are the main component of the product, and they are designed to provide high-quality sound and a low-latency connection.

1 x Charging Case: The earphones come with a charging case that not only keeps them protected but also serves as a convenient way to recharge the earphones when their battery is low.

1 x USB Cable: The package includes a USB cable that can be used to charge the charging case.

1 x User Manual: The package includes a user manual that provides instructions on how to set up and use the earphones.

3 x Earphone Tips (S, M, L Size): The package includes 3 different sizes of earphone cups (Small, Medium, and Large), so you can choose the size that provides the most comfortable and secure fit for your ears.

Design and Charging Case

The design of the Lenovo GM2 Pro is unique and visually appealing. The seashell shape not only provides an ergonomic and comfortable fit but also serves as a conversation starter. It has a matte finish, which is a nice touch and gives it a premium look.

The lightweight design of the earphone also makes it easy to carry and convenient for travel or daily use.

The LED light that covers the middle of the earphone is a nice touch, adding a bit of a futuristic look and making it easy to see the status of the earphones.

The UFO-inspired design is a cool idea and sets the Lenovo GM2 Pro apart from other wireless earbuds on the market.

The Thinkplus logo on the front adds a touch of branding and gives the earphones a professional look.

The USB-C charging port on the backside is a convenient feature and allows for fast charging, so you can quickly get back to using your earphones.

Given that the Lenovo GM2 Pro is budget-friendly, it is good to know that the build quality is still good


The Lenovo GM2 Pro earbuds are made of ABS plastic, which is a type of thermoplastic material known for its impact resistance and durability.

The earbuds have a combination of matte and glossy finishes, which provide a good grip and give them a premium look.

Because earbuds are lightweight, users can engage in sports without fear of the earbuds falling out, making them ideal for active people.

Active noise-cancellation is built into the Lenovo GM2 Pro earbuds. This helps to block out distracting sounds like background chatter, traffic noise, and other sounds so you can focus on your music or other audio content.

Battery & charging

The Lenovo GM2 Pro earbuds feature a 350 mAh battery inside the charging case and a 40 mAh battery in each earbud.

The earbuds are powered by a Bluetooth 5.3 chip, which not only keeps the connection stable but also makes sure that the power is used efficiently.

This means that the earbuds can play music for up to 5 hours on a single charge, and the charging case adds another 25 hours of playback time.

When it comes to charging, the earbuds can be charged by placing them back into the charging case and connecting them to a power source using the included USB-C cable.

The charging case also has its own battery, so you can charge it separately via a USB-C cable.

The charging case takes around 1.5 hours to charge from 0, and the earbuds take around 1 hour to fully charge.

The charging case design is a convenient way to keep the earbuds charged and protected.

And with a total usage time of up to 30 hours, the Lenovo GM2 Pro earbuds are ideal for people who are on the go and don’t have the time or opportunity to charge their earbuds frequently.


Whether you’re a gamer looking for a pair of low-latency earbuds or a music lover looking for exceptional audio quality, the Lenovo GM2 Pro is the perfect choice for you.

With its unique seashell design, long battery life, and dual-mode support, it is an ideal device for everyday use. Upgrade your audio experience with the Lenovo GM2 Pro.

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