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In keeping with tradition, they delivered two distinct models this time around as well. The non-pro model is the smaller phone, while the Pro model is the larger one Google Pixel 7 Pro Price in Bangladesh.

The smaller one starts at taka 67000 BDT (appx) less than the larger one. Although it boasts a superior display and camera (dedicated telephoto lens), the Google Pixel 7 Pro costs taka 970000 BDT more than its predecessor. Now, let’s examine how well phones perform.

Details about Google Pixel 7 Series

The Pixel 7 Pro is Google’s top smartphone offering for 2018, and it can rightfully be called a flagship model.

A display with a high refresh rate, a big camera sensor, an ultra-wide and telephoto lens pair with plenty of space, and the possibility of extended software update cycles.

However, the changes from the Google Pixel 7 Pro from the previous year aren’t really significant.

The most notable update is the brand-new Tensor G2 chipset, as well as an enhanced telephoto camera. First things first, let’s have a look at the chipset also used in a gaming phone.


It was constructed using Samsung fold 4nm manufacturing technology. Google Pixel 7 Pro CPU features 2x Cortex-X1 + 2x A76 and 4x A55.

The graphics processing unit (GPU) in question is a Mali-G710 MC10, and its manufacturer claims that it offers improved performance and efficiency in comparison to the G78, as well as an improvement of 35 percentage points in machine learning operations.

In addition to that, it comes with a brand-new modem and a new Tensor core.

Xiaomi phone also tries to make something new.

Google Pixel 7 Pro This next-generation tensor processing unit is able to do machine learning tasks 60% more quickly and 20% more efficiently than its predecessor.

Features such as portrait pictures may get further enhancements as a result. Any old photograph may have its blurriness and noise reduced by using Google’s highly-developed AI.

Additionally, it strives to enhance the camera quality of the Google Pixel 7 Pro itself.

Google Pixel 7 Pro Price In Bangladesh | Affable For You
Google Pixel 7 Pro Price in Bangladesh


The Google Pixel 7 Pro RAM on the device is 12 gigabytes, and there are three different storage capacities—128 gigabytes, 256 gigabytes, and 512 gigabytes—to choose from.

However, there is no microSD card slot; instead, you only get a slot for nano-SIM cards and an e-SIM card.


The display of the Google Pixel 7 Pro is an AMOLED measuring 6.71 inches. Not just due to the fact that it is so large, but also because it is a QHD+ LTPO panel that has a variable refresh rate of 10-120Hz.

The display’s bezels are covered by Gorilla Glass Victus, despite the fact that they are less curved this year than they were the year before.

Google Pixel 7 Pro There is also a fingerprint scanner embedded inside the display, which is both quick and safe to use.

You also have the option of using the more convenient Face Unlock feature.


Google Pixel 7 Pro Next, let’s have a look at the various cameras that are available. The primary camera has a 50-megapixel 1/1.31-inch (1.2-micron) sensor.

The next sensor is a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera with 1.25-micron pixel size and a field of view of 125.8 degrees.

This year’s improvement includes the addition of focusing to the ultra-wide lens, which makes it possible to take macro photographs.

Google Pixel 7 Pro The primary camera has both optical image stabilization (OIS) and electrical stabilization, and it is capable of recording 4K video at either 30 or 60 frames per second.

The “Speech Enhancement” function can now work in 4K at a frame rate of 60 frames per second.

The phone is able to record video in 10-bit HDR, and Google has partnered with app developers like Snapchat and TikTok to allow high-quality video recording for their respective platforms.

It is possible to create a cinematic blur with the camera by using the machine learning capabilities of the Tensor G2 chipset or further stabilize handheld film with these capabilities.

Google Pixel 7 Pro Following that, we have the telephoto camera. It now utilizes a lens that is much bigger, with optical magnification ranging from 4x to 5x. The fact that it maintains a resolution of 48 MP enables an increased amount of digital zoom.

Let’s have a chat about the selfie camera, shall we? The sensor now has a greater resolution of 10.8 megapixels, up from 8 megapixels the year before, and it can capture wider photos of 92.8 degrees, an increase from 84 degrees.

Google Pixel 7 Pro Price In Bangladesh | Affable For You
Google Pixel 7 Pro Price in Bangladesh

Google Pixel 7 Pro Price in Bangladesh

This phone’s Google Pixel 7 Pro most basic model, which comes with 128 GB of storage, costs 900 dollars, which is equivalent to around 97,000 Bangladeshi taka.

On the other hand, the price will go up significantly in Bangladesh Toktok.

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